Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Bible and Brain Healing

The Bible has a lot to say about healing the brain. Unfortunately it can be easily missed by those who misunderstand the way Jewish people communicated in pictures/visuals. We in the west tend to think in parts as if the mind comprehends things better than pictures. We like analysis better not entire concepts.

For example, in the Creation Account, the Bible uses vivid pictures to convey the processes God used. It talks about light, water, darkness, the Spirit moving like a bird, green gardens and so forth.

It is simple and wholistic. "In the beginning, God Created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void..."

Had a western scientist written the Bible is might say, "In the beginning, the molecules came together in a millionth of a millisecond and a great explosion expanded to a billion miles instantly.

Do you see any difference?  Scientists now communicate about the brain in similar ways. The brain has billions of cells and synapses that communicate at the speed of light.

the Bible talks about images and feelings with terms like heart, soul, and guts to say the same things.

"Her leads me in green pastures, beside still waters..." How can we forget that mental image or Brain Map?

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Can you think of other terms about pictures and images?

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