Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Bible and Origin of Pain

A couple of days ago I wrote about biblical ways to change our mindsets and relieve our pains. Romans 12:2 says we can change our brain and mind in ways that what we Perceive reality will be altered.

Question: Does this mean that we can stop having pain from a phantom limb by altering the way we think?

Answer: Yes, because the pain is no longer in the arm. It is in the brain.

Q: How can that be? Is the brain actually damaged from the injury? Is it real brain damage?

A: Not exactly damaged. The brain does not develop lesions. However, it does develop new and stronger pathways for the pain messages of the brain to make us feel as though the pain is in the body.

Q: So, how does renewing the mind actually change the brain?

A: We need to overwrite the old mental picture. The Mind Map developed as a result of the accident must be changed. It can be replaced by thinking new thoughts and developing new images in the brain.

Q: What happens if we do not replace the original Mind Map? Can pain get worse?

A: The more we think about the original events that caused the pain, the deeper and stronger than it was as a result of the event. So, the pain can get worse.

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