Sunday, June 19, 2016

She said, "Fathers are Not Important"

My colleague and I were training Counselors one day and listened to one the them tell about the difficulty of one family. She was stymied about what to do.

The story was not unusual to most veteran counselors, but this young woman was barely out of college and the family posed an overwhelming mystery. As she talked, the terms she used were always about the troubled child and his mother. I naturally asked, "Is the father dead or gone? I don't hear him mentioned."

The lady replied, "We always work with the mother and child. Fathers are not important".

I did not attempt to correct her but saw she is a victim of modern psychology and social training that rejects the importance of a man in the home. However, almost without exception, research data says that is wrong. Dads are critical to the growth and maturity of both girls and boys.

Single parent households led by a female are not destined to leave dysfunction children, but they do more often than two parent homes where a man is present. Maybe that is why scripture pays so much attention to care for widows and orphans.

Adverse Childhood Events' Research show shockingly higher rates of diseases, early deaths, addictions, violence, etc in homes with an absent father. Why so much urban violence today? Out of wedlock births are very, very high!

Do we see any fathers weeping at the deaths of their kids in Chicago, Baltimore or Cincinnati? rarely.

Dads, keep the faith. God and science are on your side.

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