Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Biblical Answer to Phantom/Mysterious Pain

It must be obvious to that a limb that has been amputated cannot be the source of chronic pain. If the limb is gone, we cannot feel the sensations from it. The limbs are sometimes buried miles away.

When an explosion, accident or disease first occurs the nerves travel at the speed of light to the brain and the brain draws a little map of the injured area. It immediately sends a message back to the body that says, "There is a problem. I have been hurt. Protect me."

From that point on, the brain has a memory map or mental map of the hurt area. Unless something occurs to heal that brain map, it will continue to send messages of pain to the body as if the limb was still there. Since the brain remembers many things from the past that are long gone and far away, why not the pain from an accident.

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Gary Sweeten

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