Friday, June 3, 2016

Putting the Fun in the Family Dys-Function

When I learned that Listening deeply and patiently was the very best way to influence others to grow, change and be healed, it shocked me into rethinking my approach to care and counsel.

then I learned about the power of Renewing the Mind and I started applying it to my own life with great benefit to peace and joy. (It also gave me a powerful tool to teach others about.)

When I learned about Prayer Therapy it led me to seek prayers for my own inner pain and I saw God's Spirit unravel a lot of baggage within me and my friends.

When I learned about how families relate as emotional systems from generation to generation it led me to act like Sherlock Holmes and find out all about my ancestors!

Then I decided to put all of these ideas together into a systematic system of wellness. We called it "The Teleios Model" of life. (Teleios means Wholeness).

We have been equipping Christians all over the world for decades to adopt and use the Teleios Model in churches, families and communities. I love to tell about it and I love to teach the classes because so many people are released from past dysfunctions through them.

This summer I get to teach a lot of folks Family Systems from generation to generation. It be at the Vineyard in Tri-County for 5 weeks on Monday nights starting July 11. No registration and show up a little before 7:30 PM.

See their link for child care and schedule. 

You can get the entire Book on my web page. It is How to be Me in my Family Tree. 

Ya'll come on down on any night. I guarantee a lot of action and fun. Bring your dysfunctions with you and leave them at every session.

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