Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My arm is Gone but it still Hurts!; Mysteries of Phantom Limbs

When I was a boy a farmer in our area named Vance Skinner got an arm caught in a corn picker, if memory serves me right. It was turning him over and over with a vicious bang every time he hit the ground.

Vance had to make a decision; would he just let the machine kill him or stand firm and lose his arm. He chose to live. It was one of the most courageous things I ever heard.

Vance lost his arm and almost his life by bleeding to death but thank God he survived but without an arm. For a long time afterward he had pain in the arm he lost. It was buried and out of sight but was very painful.

How did that happen? Do any of you know? if this happened to a person you know or in your church, what would you say?

Vance, you are crazy?

It cannot be true!

Just forge it.

I can see how anyone would feel when confronted by Phantom Limb Pain.

Have you ever known a person with this issue?

My book Power Christian Thinking gets at this issue but I am still learning more about its origin and how to treat it. So, hang on.

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