Friday, May 20, 2016

Hugs and Healing

Worship with Christian Fellowship along and hugs will impact the traumatized souls in ways that are difficult to understand. At a Church Renewal conference at Montreat there was great times of worship with dancing, laughter, and hugging. As a result I offered a small on the healing power of hugs.

It went something like this.

We need 4 hugs daily to stay sane.
We need 8 hugs daily to be healthy.
We need 12 hugs daily to heal and grow emotionally.

The people at the conference seemed to love it. However, I received a letter from one of the attendees that was very unhappy. He said it was awful to see Christians hugging since it was unbiblical. All that physical touch was unseemly and too sexual.

I responded nicely by saying, he had a point but I was thinking about what St. Paul taught about touch. In Romans 16:16 Paul strongly supports physical touch among Christians.

Read it and see for yourselves.

Gary Sweeten

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