Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Be Transformed and Remake Your Brain

TRANSFORMED is a terrific term, the thrust of which implies a complete conversion or changed mind. Car models change every year with slight adjustments, but it is still the same Buick, Ford, or Plymouth. Once in a while Detroit brings out a whole new car that is completely changed. We, too, may change a belief statement here or there and not be transformed. But Paul’s exhortation to be transformed is a challenge to become literally a new creature in Christ. Many theologians and philosophers disagree about the difference between the mind and the brain. In computer terms the brain is the hardware of the soul and the mind/heart is the software. This passage seems to indicate that both must be changed from its old fleshly state to a new state in Christ.

 A renewed mind is still a mind, yet it is more than simply a changed mind. It is a mind made new again and is uncontaminated, unimpeded, and uncluttered by old, sinful thought patterns. Trauma, habitual thinking patterns, and unresolved guilt and shame contaminate our hardware and our software so we need to work to change its structure and its habits.

The Holy Spirit begins the process of transformation at conversion and the process continues for the rest of our lives. When Scripture tells us to transform our minds, the directive is to be completely new and changed consciously and unconsciously in the evaluative, volitional, emotional, and decision-making aspects of our being and that takes a lifetime.

We began our life and ministry focus after a dissertation in 1975 on "Equipping believers to offer care and counsel to each other". Since then we have set up numerous equipping centers around the world that have impacted hundreds of thousands of people. 

You can join the process of amazing grace by going to our web book store and downloading an eBook on PDF to read and allow God to change your mind and heart forever.  These articles came from Power Christian Thinking my updated version of Rational Christian Thinking. 

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