Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Discern the Mentally Troubled

Not everyone that is troubled is mentally ill. We need to use the term mentally ill rarely and then only when there is good evidence of deeper, ongoing problems.

Friends can support and assist in the growth and healing of everyone in need regardless of the depth of that need. All we need to do is listen, with Genuine Compassion, show Respect for their ideas and feelings, be Emphatic by picking up their thoughts and feelings and be Warm and caring. (GREW).

Let's go over the list of 5 Levels of Need and elaborate what people in that category need.

Type A Persons are some 8 to to 10 % of the population. They have no Life Interrupting Issues at this time. There are two Levels of Type A people. Level 1. Are unusually healthy and functional. :Level 2 are healthy with some weaknesses that can erupt into a life interrupting issue if not corrected. 

That does not mean either group is perfect and will not experience Adversities. It does mean that they tend to have developed enough resiliency to Bounce Back from the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes!"

Level I people are the healthiest of the bunch so we need to recruit them for engagement and training so they get even stronger and better prepared to meet and overcome the troubles and issues that invade our lives.

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