Sunday, May 1, 2016

Who Won the Raffle?

There was a carnival at Independence School in Butler County. It seems that thousands of families were there, eating, drinking, bouncing and having a ball.

They had a $1.00 per try raffle with about 15 different items the people could put their ticket on and get a chance to win. Emma put all 4 of her tickets on a doll. Yep, an American Girl Doll!

Driving her and Jack to the event she said she was betting everything on winning that doll. Te pessimist in me said, "You are more likely to be struck by lightning or a meteor!

Karen and I sat across from the table with all the prizes and we saw everyone stuff dozens of tickets into the Doll box. My heart sank!

At the drawing, the doll was the top prize with every girl in the place violated Ohio PC Law about prayers at school. In fact, so did I!

The principal slowly drew out the name and shouted!

Emma Sweeten,

Emma Sweeten!

PTL! Emma Won.

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