Friday, May 20, 2016

Hugs and Kisses

I recently posted a small story about a man that was unhappy and complained when we had hugging at a renewal conference. I responded by suggesting it would be better if we taught Romans 16:16. 

Romans 16:16 

Greet one another with a holy kiss.
All the churches of Christ send greetings.

            Have you ever heard a sermon on this text? Maybe not. It might be difficult for serious and pious preachers and I am neither, so I have taught on it.
            Why did the Holy Spirit inspire St. Paul to write such a thing, especially in light of the great sensitivity they had about men and women even shaking hands let alone kissing. 
            I am pretty sure this was for men bussing men and women bussing women. In many cultures this is still the practice and I have been the recipient of it from a Russian Orthodox Priest in Moscow. It was a great honor. 

           Can you think of another scripture where open touch was suggested? What is the context? What would the purposes be?

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