Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Where Do Hurting Go for Help?

One of the great questions among mental health and mental illness professionals is "To whom do mentally distressed people go for help? The historic numbers are somewhat surprising to the Professional Clinical and Psychological people.

100% go to family and friends before a professional.
42% seek out a Church Leader as the first Professional Helper
18% talk with their Doctor first
8% go to a Mental Health Professional

These studies are rather old and need to be updated. But we can see why churches need to have trained Helpers both Peer and Professional.

Those who seek a man or woman of faith is double those when want a Physician and 5 times as many as those who seek assistance form a Counselor! Get Ready!

People are needy!!

It is not enough to "Welcome" people in need. We must have well trained Lay or Peer Helpers that can walk with them and foster healthy thinking and acting. Lay/Peer Helpers are usually as effective as professionals.

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