Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Don't Call It Love!

Agape Love or Covenant Love is not the same as the term when it is used in Love Songs and Socialism and Enabling Families of Addicts. In our culture, the term has been so over used it seems in interchangeable with Lust or Marketing Beer.

A great challenges that faces counselors of addicts are parents and friends that feed the addiction! They don't mean to feed it but they do. Why? Because they "love" the addict.

To be blunt, that is not God's Love but self love.

It is Helping that Hurts!

Sexual Predators tell us!

"I am the only one that really LOVES that little boy."

That is not God's LOVE or Biblical Love but LUST that arises from self love.

People addicted to pornography say they love it.

People  love Chocolate, or coffee, or movies.

Moms and dads love their kids.

But none of these are Agape Love. 

My paper "Healing Release of the Holy Spirit" can help us define terms.

It is a MOTM. (Managing Our Terms Manual)

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