Thursday, October 29, 2015

Helping Poor People Prosper

There are a lot of articles and books on our responsibility as Christians to help the poor. In my view, some are good and some are unintentionally set up to reinforce poverty. Here is my response to the article linked above.

Building Virtuous versus Vicious Circles of behavior are key. These are activities that break Poverty Cycles and build Cycles of Prosperity. Virtuous Circles are:
A beneficial cycle of events or incidents, each having a positive effect on the next. These factors are mutually reinforcing: more satisfaction leads to more contribution; more contribution leads to more satisfaction and it gets deeper and wider at every step. 
The Compound Interest I collect is a Virtuous Cycle of Prosperity. That which I pay is A Vicious Cycle of Poverty. Whatever we do must build disciples materials that can be learned and implemented by the Persons of Concern. We may give a fish to them for a short while but over time teach them to fish. Habitat is doing this. Micro Loans are doing it. Fishermen and Women can then use their relative prosperity and knowledge to teach others to fish, thus widening the Cycles of Prosperity. in Mark 4 Jesus taught this model to His followers. 
A church of 100 can, over time, teach this model to dozens of people. I started a Ministry overseas in 1990 and today have over 1000 people teaching it to the families of addicts. They lead hundreds of groups, churches and ministries. Prosperity comes from discipleship that impacts the whole person and their whole life and lifestyle. 

A church or ministry can pick a family in need, teach them how to build a Virtuous Cycle of health and welfare. Start small and build small victories. "If you are faithful in small things I will put you in charge of big things." 

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