Friday, October 16, 2015

Identity-Who Am I?

I learned how much I did not know when I was in Africa!

Karen and I were chatting earlier this afternoon about how driven we were when we began to minister. I know that many things I "accomplished" were for my own ego or identity not really for God. I thought it was all for God but looking back, I was driven to "Rescue" hurting people because I needed to be needed.

People need a lot of things, but rarely is it to be rescued. Sure, when they have been swept up in a flood or caught in a burning house, they need a rescuer.

But most of the time they need Life Success Skills. When did you learn to think your way out of a bad fix and there was no "Rescuer" around? Jesus was famous for getting out of tight spots. The legal scholars of His day seemed to dislike the stuff He taught and the ways He escaped from their traps.

Jesus was rarely argumentative or defensive. He wiggled out of attacks with great wisdom. To to question about the woman caught in adultery, He wrote in the dirt and asked paradoxical questions. And, voila, the men all walked away.

Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, He said. We try but too often end up dumb as a bird and mean as a snake.

Want to see some free stuff on video? It might bore you because it has no Hollywood stars.

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