Friday, October 30, 2015

Stop Lecturing, Marching and Protesting

Stop Lecturing me and Start Teaching Poor People How to Prosper

I am convinced that we have adopted Talking as a way to avoid doing! If I show my pity and compassion in articles and protests and conferences maybe I can continue to live well and never do anything to actually help the poor.

I do not go on many marches to support minorities, minimum wage, gun control, helping addicts, etc. Instead, I actually train parents, families, churches and community groups how to prevent poverty and addiction and heal it if it happens.

I have friends and family members that do not like my positions on theology and popular ideas about helping hurting people. I do not care what you say, show me by your actions what you believe.

The answers are simple.

Teach people to: 
Fish for themselves! 
Honor God!
Speak effectively;
Work skillfully;
Save money;
Have no debt;
Be responsible;
Stay married; 
Rear your children well;
Treat others with mercy and grace;
Honor people in authority; 
Be healthy; 

What can you add?

See our books, tapes and materials. 

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