Monday, October 26, 2015

Healthy Ideas Lead to Happy Lives

Several years ago I did a Dissertation at UC in which I attempted to integrate the best research findings on Counseling and Psychology with the Bible. It was pretty clear that the BIG IDEA coming from the thousands of studies about outcomes from Counseling that the key to success is not a Counselor's knowledge or interventions! It is not information, education, preaching, advising, threatening, bribing, pills, hypnotism, rewards, etc. Nope.

YIKES! How can that be? Why did I learn all those facts about diagnosis and study 960 pages of the DSM V if they are not important?

I did not say those things are of NO importance, but of little importance. The Counselor/ Therapist/ Psychiatrist interventions are worth 13-18% of the good changes.

What else is more important?

The quality of the interaction between the person seeking assistance and the Helper is worth a lot more than that. When I learned that bit of information, I immediately thought of a Bible passage. Which one comes to you?

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