Monday, October 5, 2015

Mental Health and the Church

                                  The way it used to be!

The recent murders at schools and public places reminds us that we are facing several intractable enemies in  our world: Evil people, Deluded people, and Sick people.

Since the Sixties I have been involved as a Professional  Counselor, a Minister and a Counselor Educator in mobilizing and releasing mature Christians into the battle for the hearts, minds, souls and bodies of distressed people.

Several years ago the Evangelical Christian world was rocked by the suicide of the adult son of Rick and Kay Warren. Since that time, the Warren family and Saddleback Church have launched several initiatives to educate, inform and equip church leaders to help those with mental and emotional distress.

They are a wonderful ally in the battle for Pastoral Care and Counseling in Christian organizations. This week they are sponsoring a big conference to inform and train Christians to be more effective care givers. Here is the link.

I wrote a dissertation on these issues in 1975. My books since then have all been built on the foundation of what I learned way back then plus what I learned from a book that is several thousand years old. My books for lay people here.

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