Sunday, July 3, 2016

Underground Christians in a Hostile World

If you are a Christian and read the news, it is impossible not to conclude that freedom of Religion is under assault. Dictators hate the fact that we belief God is sovereign not them or their government dictates.

We have had the wonderful privilege of equipping Christians around the world how to live together as brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.

Family life is critically important and we teach believers how to promote health and welfare from generation to generation. The newest YWAM newsletter on Family Ministries warmed my heart when I read that they are still teaching ideas we taught them decades ago about Generational Family Life. YWAM is a great organization that does an amazing work all over the world.

Through families oppressed Christians can survive and thrive even when churches are forced to meet in underground locations. In China and Islamic nations that practice Sharia Law open church meetings are closed and the people killed. 

Starting next Monday night at the Vineyard Cincinnati, we will start a class on How to be Me in My Family Tree. You are invited to attend. It is free! Get the entire book here. 

If you attend, you will be surprised, stunned and joyful!

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Gary Sweeten

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