Saturday, July 9, 2016

Equipping People in Ministry

That churches in America are stuck in unworkable systems is unmistakable. All we need to do is see the dropouts of children and young people to verify it. 

Some people blame the music, some the bad preaching and others are simply wanting to return to the "good Old Days". (That is in 1600)

In my view, the entire system needs a change, especially when it comes to preparing leaders. How is it that schools fail to prepare future church workers for the things they do the most and need to do the best? "What is that," you ask.

Influence people to grow and change. Every church worker must spend quality time with and facilitate the growth and healing of God's people. That requires skill training and on the job experience with great supervision. Neither happen in the preparation of 99% of the church workers I know. 

Develop in a local setting.
Works withing a different cultural and social situation for the trainee.
Starts at the bottom and masters each step and stage
Careful supervision/feedback each step
Focus on EQ
Follows a DREAMS Format

The chart above indicates how Social Engagement is a superior training method and one based on theory and intellectual understanding. The first is much more effective than the latter. 

The results of school without practice.

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