Saturday, July 16, 2016

Spiritual Innovation Leads to Social Innovation 1

At Sweeten Life Systems we have a foundation of faith in God's truth in creating every human in His image. The Greek imago Dei, means, "A chosen ambassador for the King".

Every Believer has the mark and authority to be God's Ambassador. That means that everyone, regardless of station, education, location race, or color is called to go into a broken world and represent the King they serve.

We can confidently go into the world of homes, work and society to improve the lot and lives of those we meet. Every believer is an Ambassador taking the Good News of the King to make things better.

We are called to be Family, Work and Social Innovators.

Innovators see things that are broken, messy and out of order and attempt to make them better. Real innovation that brings great positive changes to families, work and society can only happen when we start at the grassroots and expand exponentially.

We are scattered among the people and situations that need assistance and the only way to bring big changes is to unleash every Ambassador and extend their skills, reach and wisdom to unleash others.

I was unwittingly involved in a Social Innovation of massive proportions. It was back in the 1960's and 70's.  Baby Boomer began to grow up and question the values, practices and styles of their elders.

Young people began to leave churches as they challenged the 1950 styles of music, preaching, dress, and behavior.

Church leaders, parents and politicians were horrified. As a result, they tended to attack the youth as ungodly, demonic and blasphemous. They rejected the styles and often attacked the kids' music and the behavior.

In 1967 I received a Master's Degree and joined the staff of Student Affairs at the University of Cincinnati. Thankfully I had done a Thesis on Mobs and Riots in Higher Education so I was familiar with the history of social changes. But even that did not prepare me for the radical nature of these students. It was different for all of us.

In retrospect, God was bringing radical innovation to the churches, schools and music. It was very disruptive. Those leaders and churches that heard God went with His plans and grew greatly when so many Boomers came to faith. The groups that fought it often closed down.

Are you ready for God's new Winds of the Spirit bringing new, radical changes to His people and His organizations again? A lot of the Boomers want to return to the "Good Old Days" of Rock and Roll but our kids want something different.

What? We need to hear the Lord or He will move on without us. We need God. he does not need us.

Be at Peace. Jesus has overcome the world!

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