Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to Share our Faith with Unbeleivers?

The world is a very dangerous place. This week terrorists shouting their faith in Allah attacked places where people of all faiths gathered and killed innocent people, including children. It is obvious that obvious that all Muslims are not involved in terror or they would not be victims of such horror.

But it is particularly dangerous for Christians in many places because we are special targets of evil people. The men in Bangladesh captured people and told them to quote the Koran. If the person could and did he or she was spared.

If not, murdered! No wonder so many American Christians are fearful and anxious about Muslims coming to live next door. I am not terribly anxious about immigration but think we must take reasonable measure to check them out.

I worked closely with Muslims in Asia. Karen and I made several friends with whom we made great chats. I found most of them warm, caring and eager to discuss their faith and my faith. One of the leaders made an interesting remark to us.

She: "Why are you so different from other Christians?"
Us: "How are we different"?
She: "You are willing to listen to us tell you about our faith and our lives. Everyone else just wants to preach about their faith. What are they afraid of?"

We cannot share God's love if we are afraid. Fear causes defensiveness and anger. How can we draw people to God? Listen with love.

The same is true in the USA. With all the fears and anxieties about racial trauma, sexual ethics changing, economic woes and world conflict, ii is hard to keep our eyes on the ball. FEAR distracts us when God's grace and mercy can center us on the most important things; the Kingdom of God.

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