Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Healing After a Divorce

Seminar Date:
Saturday, September 24th, 2016, 9am-4:30pm

The Seminar
Divorce hurts, but there is hope. If you are separated from your spouse, going through a divorce or are divorced, we encourage you to seek support. We understand the feelings of guilt, rejection, fear, confusion, isolation, and helplessness that can result from divorce. You may feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster. Our emotions have a way of fooling us into believing that things will never get better. During this time it is critical to gain a healthy perspective so that you can take the necessary steps to move forward with you life.

KidKare Seminar & Teen Mentors
Your children are dealing with their own emotions and it is important for them to understand that they are not to blame. When you are attending the seminar, you can arrange to have your children, ages 8-12, involved in their own KidKare Seminar with discussions that deal with their feelings, changes in the family structure and self-esteem. We encourage your teens, ages 13-17, to register as mentors for the KidKare group. The KidKare & Teen mentor programs are coordinated by teams of qualified volunteers.
The charge for KidKare is $10 per child. There is no charge for Teen Mentors.

Divorce & Beyond Follow Up Support Small Group
Tuesdays, beginning September 27th,
7-9PM at VC Tri-County

This groups offers an open and honest discussion on the issues surrounding divorce. We will discuss several topics including: loneliness, anger, forgiveness, moving on, what it takes to have healthy relationships, etc. We will use Divorce Care resources including books and videos to facilitate our discussions. These groups are ideal for those who are going through divorce, recently divorced or those who were divorced several years ago.

KidKare follow up support groups are also offered at this time at no charge.

Childcare for follow up support groups is $5/child ($10/max).
Pre-register for childcare online when you register for the group.

If someone you know is unable to attend the seminar, they may sign up for a support group by calling the Vineyard Community Church at 671-0422, ext. 6425. Group closes after third week.

The seminar will be held in Tri-County at:
 Inline image 2
11340 Century Circle East
Cincinnati, OH 45246
phone: 513.671.0422 x6425
fax: 513.671.2041

The *cost for the seminar is $20.00 per person in advance and $30.00 per person after September 19th or at the door.

4 Ways to register:
·  Call 513.671.0422 x6425
·  Go on line to download registration form at
www.vineyardcincinnati.com and enter a one word search for divorce. Click on the link for Classes: Divorce and Beyond Seminar. Scroll down the page and click on the link for the PDF (mail in) registration form.
·  Go on line to www.vineyardcincinnati.com and enter a one word search for divorce. Click on the link for Classes: Divorce and Beyond Seminar. Follow instructions to pay on line. (NOTE: This requires you to logon to the website BEFORE you attempt to register)
*Includes workbook, continental breakfast & lunch.
*We are committed to healing those experiencing divorce whether fees are in the budget or not.
*If finances are a problem, let us know... we understand.

Volunteering for the Seminar
If you would like to volunteer for the seminar, please contact Devra Rochelle at dnbvolunteers@juno.com.

If you have questions or need help, please contact carroll@vineyardcincinnati.com

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