Monday, December 26, 2016

Who Was in the Genealogy of Jesus?

I have been studying my own family genealogy for several years. Ron Rand and I went to Washington, DC to interact with Rabbi, Dr. Ed Friedman, an expert on Family Systems Theory of Care and Counsel. Ron and I loved the classes and Dr. Friedman's teaching. I now consider it essential for Ministers and other leaders.

As a result, I became interested in the way the Bible uses family issues from generation to generation to weave the story of God into life. I was amazed when I started to study the genealogy of Jesus.

My friend Carol Franks sent me a teaching recently by Amir Tsarfati that covers some of the particulars of the genealogy of Jesus. For me, it indicates how deep and gracious God is when considering whom to call to lead His people. The ancestors of Jesus were quite often people whom we call "Great Sinners who are unworthy of our attention!"

Read the article here.  It will perk your interest in deeper Bible study. 

If you like grace and mercy then by all means get my books and materials. They will liberate you from self condemnation in a hurry!

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