Friday, December 23, 2016

Clinical Assistance for Anxiety, Depression, Worry, ETC

As many of you know, I was on a team of four people that founded The Life Way Counseling Centers. In 1989 I was at College Hill Presbyterian Church and, among other things, ran a very large Peer Caring and Coaching Ministry called, The Teleios Center. We had over 50 Peer Helpers that met with people in distress to listen, love, care and offer prayer and coaching. (Peer Helping cannot be called Counseling.)

In 1989 Dr. Emmett Cooper called to ask me to work with Emerson North Hospital to treat Patients with spiritual as well as emotional issues.  He ended up asking us to establish a Christ centered in-patient unit at Emerson North Hospital and an outpatient center in Blue Ash. The in-patient unit is closed but the Life Way Outpatient Clinic still operates in Blue Ash. 

I still serve as the Chairman of the Life Way Board.

I am still extremely active making Sweeten Life Systems an equipping, training, consulting ministry. Many people need more than peer support from Sweeten Life Systems, and that is what Life Way is for.

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