Friday, December 23, 2016

Holidays Can Be Lonely so Be a Friend!

For many people Christmas is a pretty lonely time of year. The memories of childhood family times and all the TV and popular media depictions of being together on Christmas can leave us especially bereft if we have nobody to be with.

One congregation here in Cincinnati has what they call The Feast of Love at every special holiday. Everybody is gladly welcomed to a warm meal and a warm time of fellowship at College Hill Presbyterian Church regardless of your race, creed, or color.

The Feast of Love was founded in 1986 by a modern Saint, Karen Lane. Karen was a spark plug of care and energy until the evil of cancer took her home to Jesus. The ministry does many more things now so take a look at their link.

God is in a giving mood all year round so be like you Father and give as well. If donating to an international ministry that "Equips God's people for radical love, grace, mercy, and healing," send something our way. But, give to any ministry you believe is doing the Lord's work.

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