Monday, December 12, 2016

Recovery from Adversity

Pain from adversity is inevitable

Misery is optional

If true, why are so many people miserable? There are several reasons why but one reason is that a lot of misery comes from people giving the power over their own feelings to everyone else.

We might say,

"You really tick me off!"

"Why do you make me so sad?"

"I just can't stand it when you are drinking or sick or unemployed."

"I am worried to death about the election."

"If __________ wins I am leaving the USA for Cuba where they have freedom."

These kind of statements are sure indications that we have turned our lives and thoughts and feelings over to someone or something else.

Anytime I am severely Reactive and get really upset with friends or foes it usually means I have surrendered my feelings to them instead of keeping them to myself.

Mentally and emotionally strong people are bold because their ideas about life come from within not from what others think or say. Mentally and emotionally fragile people reject freedom of speech and hide from the comments of others.

The fear of other's keeps many creative people from writing, singing, or performing lest the audience criticize them.

When I can "Turn the other cheek..." it means I have self control and am not giving up my control to others.

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