Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Scrooge Had no Peace

Scrooge was a failure at peacemaking. What was the real problem that blocked him from leading a peaceful life? He had no peace himself. Can we lead others beyond where we are ourselves? Not likely. It is hard to fake peace. 

I was hired by a large company of 3000 people to help their key employees. The 10 groups that were judged to be in the bottom of efficiency needed someone to show them how to improve their interactions, so they hired me to train them. 

The VP of Human Relationships told me, "You get those blankety, blank sons of b______  to be more empathic or will fire every one of them on the spot!" 

The VP wanted empathy, understanding and peace in her employees. I knew immediately that it would be a difficult task. Why so tough? Because the leader was angry, judgmental and agitated. Do you wonder why some of her employees also lacked peaceful relationships and effectiveness as leaders? 

Can we really fake Genuineness?

Can we fake Peace?

An angry, anxious, divisive person lives and breaths divisiveness. He or she does not have to intentionally divide, promote division, or show great anger, it comes out in the way we look and interact.

Scrooge's demeanor told everybody that he was an evil man. Look at the post that described him. "Even the blind man's dog" was repulsed because Scrooge had an "evil eye" and "No eye at all was better than an evil eye!" 

But Scrooge changed. How did he change? What happened to him? Let me know what you think?

If you want to be like Scrooge, please don't read my books because they unleash love, compassion, smiles, and giving. 

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