Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Universal Way to Help Depressed and Annxious People

What a shock it has been to find out that the very best thing we can do to foster improvement in a person suffering with a Mood Disorder of Depression or Anxiety is not a fancy, intervention from a highly educated professional.

It is not medication (Although some medication can help!)
It is not the well honed advice of a seasoned therapist. (Although they can be very helpful.)
It is not a manual with a positive mantra. (Although positive self-talk is a ery good thing.)
It is not meditation, prayer, exercise, etc( Although all are good to do for positive mental health.)

It is......... (Drum Roll) Relating with the person with Genuine Interest, Respect, Empathy, and Warm Regard.

The basis for this conclusion is found in several places. 1. The Bible! The Fruit of the Spirit. 2. More than 50 years of psychological research. 3. Personal expereince. 

Get the PDF that describes these things here!

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