Saturday, December 24, 2016

Most of Us can Renew our Minds and be Peaceful

Evaluation for Care and Referral
©Dr. Gary R Sweeten
When I founded Life Way Counseling Centers most people needed a simple way to assess when Distress was so strong Clinical Counseling was needed. So, I developed a simple  one sheet, answer. 

Levels of Problems and Pain
Type A Persons: No life-interrupting problems

Level I Very mature and healthy individuals

  • Able to lead if equipped
  • Strong in relationships and self control; no reactivity
  • Stable and deal with life’s problems
  • Full range of emotional life
  • Not blown about by every new thing

Need: Coaching and Equipping for Ministry

Level II Can vary in healthy lifestyles from weak to developing

  • Some are fragile but dealing with life well
  • Need mentoring for emotional growth
  • Need to be discipled and equipped for service

Need: Coaching for Grow and Equipped for Ministry

Type B Persons: Differing types and intensity of problems

Level III Ongoing issues and problems that cause disruptions

  • Worried or anxious, sad, angry, conflicts and dissatisfied with life
  • Misses appointments, sleeplessness, low performance, relational problems
  • Is strong enough to work and learn from counsel
  • No harmful thoughts about self or others

Need: Care, Coaching, Counsel, Plus Support of Friends and Family

Level IV Ongoing problems and pain

  • Issues getting worse
  • Cannot meet personal, work, family or school responsibilities and cannot change
  • Misses appointments due to depression, anxiety, stress, drinking, etc
  • Cannot concentrate, does very poor work, scattered thoughts
  • Compulsive behaviors with food, gambling, anger, drugs
  • Unresolved conflicts

Need: Professional Coaching, Counseling + Peer Support

Level V Acute Pain

  • Lay and Professional counseling have failed to help so pain increases
  • Cannot manage school or work
  • Ideas are distorted, cannot manage life or relationships
  • Dangerous use of alcohol, food, drugs
  • Thoughts of harming self or others

Need: Intensive Counsel, Care in a safe place + Support

Read this over and see if you can assess where you are right now. The stressors of life, loss, conflict, finances, hurried living, massive cultural changes, world conflicts, etc can infect us with worry, fears, anxiety, and failure to care for ourselves. My PDF. eBook, Power Christian Thinking can help you stop the Stinking Thinking and find peace in the midst of madness. (I can't tell you how to stop the madness!) The book is a PDF File you can download on your computer, Pad, telephone, etc. Buy is here for a few bucks you will get back soon when you stop taking anti acid medications. 

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