Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Will Faith Cure Addiction?

Drug abuse is a terrible curse on our land. I spoke with a business leader recently who wants to hire people for his company. He is having a hard time finding anyone even though the unemployment rate is high and many are looking for jobs. The reason? Many of the applicants are failing the drug test.
  • Can people be cured of drug addiction by healing prayer and faith? 
  • Can people be cured of alcohol addiction by healing prayer and faith? 
  • Can people be cured of food addiction by healing prayer and faith?
  • Can people be cured of sex addiction by healing prayer and faith?

Over the years of being in the ministry of counseling, healing and education I have seen many, many people come out of addictions to drugs, alcohol and sex among other things. As a rule if is not easy and it takes more than one prayer or two to accomplish the journey.

In France there is a very expensive wine called Dom Reigning. It comes from the name of a group of Priests who went to France many decades ago to drain the swamps and bring healing to the people by eliminating the mosquitoes and dampness. Their motto was: Ora ET Labora or Prayer and Work!

To clean swamps and turn them into vineyards that produce the best champagne takes a lot of prayer and works. To take the wine out of a person's life and turn it into the a Vineyard for the Lord to produce the best works normally takes both Ora (Prayer) and Labora (Work).
 I have known of some addicts who received a powerful healing touch from God and were delivered immediately from their overwhelming lust for drugs. It is rare. Very rare. And even after they were delivered from the lust for a fix they needed many hours of teaching, discipleship, love, support and encouragement. In fact, most addicts continue to be tempted long after they have become sober so the battle is not over.

People not familiar with addictions seem to think that being cured means that we will never be tempted or relapse again. That is false and can lead people to give up after starting recovery when they encounter temptations to get a fix. However, prayer usually assists any addict to break free if their theology is solid and they have good support.

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