Friday, August 3, 2012

Hackers Must Get Capital Punishment

Up until now I have been wishy washy about capital punishment. Sometimes it seems like the right thing to do to reduce capital crimes and at other times the logic about reducing crime seems ridiculous. Then something really evil occurs.

The evil hit me a few weeks ago but I had no idea how bad it was until yesterday. I had to call for an  emergency intervention from an expert. The expert came flying over to my house for a Doctor's House Call. That kind of emergency service is almost unheard of today but my situation was so critical I needed someone with deep expertize and experience to be with me. I hope I can pay the bills.

The virus had a deep hold on not only my computer but my soul. I have meetings I must prepare for, people! I swear, you bug manufacturers deserve prosecution to the full extent of the law!

The chair, I swear!

The noose for that goose!

The guillotine for someone so mean!

Finally, at about 9:00 PM we decided to sing the funeral dirge and put my baby to sleep. From 3;:00 to 9:00 PM! How much can a man take?

We went back to the original settings of the computer at the factory and swept the baby clean. No more scanning and deleting to discover it had come back automatically. I had had it! Clean it up! Sweep the hard drive with Swiffer! Use Tide!

 The people who did this deserve the chamber and irons.

Now I have to completely rebuild every file and Microsoft software! Yikes!

Will you join me in calling for death to hackers?


Jerry Croucher said...

Death is too nice for them. How about this. Using conditioning and drugs put them into a state where just touching an electronic device would have them retching in pain. So they would have to live the rest of their miserable existence without ATMs, smart phones, internet stations at the library, radios with electronic tuning, no paperless tickets to rock concerts, etc. Now that would be punishment that would fit the crime.

Gary Sweeten said...

Jerry, Wow! You are a creative punisher! Make it fit the crime.