Monday, August 27, 2012

Changing the World for Good

I am often asked about how to be an influence in an organization, group or society. Let's begin with the obvious. Being a change agent is not easy. Read and reflect on these wise sayings:

1. I want progress, but I hate change.

2. I want change but I can't stand it when someone tries to change ME!

3. Nobody wants to be changed but a wet baby.

4. The more we push others to change the more they resist.

5. (Add your old saying here!)

A fellow overseas wrote recently about getting involved in politics and asked about my opinion. This is how I answered him.

My thoughts on being a change agent as a minority.

1.       To influence a system positively, we must be a part of the system.
2.       To be a part of the system we must get involved before we have any influence.
3.       Influence takes time and great trusting relationships.
4.       We cannot get too deeply involved or the system will change us we will not change the system.
5.        We usually begin to influence the system by showing those friendly toward us the positive benefits of our ideas for them and other people.
6.       This requires patience and prayer and offering ideas at the right time in the right way.
7.       Changes usually begin very small.

My book, Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty has a list of the Six Stages of Change every person who wants to influence a system must go through to succeed. 

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