Friday, August 24, 2012

Levels of Health and Wellness

                                                                  Missed it! Oh No!

In most of my books and classes I promote health rather than healing. That is why the name of this blog is "Spiritual Healing and Growth" not just "Spiritual Healing".  Despite my desire to spend most of my time and energy on Maximizing Health and Wellness I am the 911 button for many Christian organizations when there is a crisis. I love helping Christian leaders when they are in crisis but wish they got in touch with us before the crisis struck. Prevention is easier than healing.

I know it is hard for leaders to admit weakness or temptation. It has been said that 95% of the time a male will not seek Counsel or Coaching until his wife yells. HELP! That is an exaggeration, but men do not like to ask for directions in life or driving.

As a golfer I need coaching. I need a lot of coaching. In days past my ego was bruised whenever I had to ask for help. Then I saw that even Tiger Woods has a coach.  If the very best in the world need help it must be OK for me as well.

Think carefully about any really professional who did not have a coach. I cannot think of a single one.  If you are Doing Good now is the time to Do Better. 

My books are about Life Long Learning.

Go to the Sweeten Life web and download one of  my books on pdf. and coach yourself. Or call and I will help find a coach for you.


Anonymous said...

I need a coach. - Erin Campbell

Chamunda Swami-spiritual healer said...

Its just a beautiful creation of a blog.The quotes you mentioned are good to inspire and yes health always comes first for everyone as we can't do anything until we are not feeling well.

Gary Sweeten said...

Erin, Call me.