Thursday, August 23, 2012

Health and Happiness

Most of the focus in health care is not health care but sickness care.

President Obama says he is fixing the broken health care system but he did not focus on health care but paying for sickness. In one of the President's ads for reelection a man attacks Romney for "Taking away his health care and that of his wife and she died." But he was not focusing on health care but health insurance. (However, she did not lose her health insurance either.)

Almost all the money spent on health care goes to cure health sickness. 98 cents goes to medicine, surgery and other medical intervention when a person is ill.

2 cents goes to prevention and lifestyle enhancements.

I am much more interested in promoting health than sickness.

For example we know how to improve marriages but most churches do not have any activities designed to prevent divorces and enrich marriages and family life.

We know how to enhance happiness and joy and resist depression and anxiety.

Dr. Martin Seligman calls it "Positive Psychology" but I prefer to call it "Common Sense".

It is rather easy and a lot of fun! Come on along.


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lenny said...

Healthcare and sickness care are indeed different, yet a lot of us has mistaken healthcare for sickness care. I find your observation on the Romney ad rather enlightening as well. Keep us happy with your sensible post.