Friday, August 31, 2012

The Power of Love to Bring Change

If it isn't a specific theory or a specific intervention what is it that great leaders do that is the best way to influence people to change? Think for a moment about the teachings and the ways Jesus went about motivating folks to change? Any ideas?

St. Paul joined in the chorus of being a change agent by writing a great hymn about it. He said that three things are consistently available to influence change. Faith in God, Hope for a better life and Love of God and other people.

There are many books written about leadership and most ignore love and the rest of the fruit of the Spirit.  Currently there are books and articles written about technology as a way to bring about change. Write on Twitter. Post on Facebook. Write a blog. Record your Video for uploading onto You Tube.

All of these are passive. they take whatever the author writes or the preacher says. What if the stuff he says and does is hateful, divisive and disrespectful? Will Twitter or Facebook filter out the anger and replace it with faith, hope and love?

Not likely.

Film makers have always known that their craft reveals the character of the actors.It is said that, "The camera never lies". Unless we are preaching and teaching love we ought to stay away from the modern digital media.

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