Monday, August 27, 2012

To Lead Means We Stay Cool

Listen and learn!

Never offend and never defend. When we attack a person we lose the battle for we look like a bully.

When we defend ourselves we look like a loser and we become one.

Stay calm and never overreact.

I watched a movie last week on an old guy coaching a young potential golfing star who was out of control. (7 Days in Utopia). He took the kid fishing to teach him how to conduct himself on the course. He cast the fly and got a fish, then asked the kid why he was able to catch the big guy.

The kid guessed wrong on bait, etc. The coach said, "I made him mad and he bit". It was a great line. We who think clearly must not lose our cool and grab the bait.

We may agree with some hot headed friends but the ability to stay somewhat cool and non-reactive is key to thinking well and getting in the best jabs.  I often forge that but the movie reminded me of it.

My mentor was Dr. Edwin Friedman who constantly reminding us of that when in a great debate.

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