Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Russian Repression and Revival

We have been involved in the former USSR for a long time.  Our ministry of evangelism and healing has been very successful, but it is in danger of government reprisal.

The people of Russia and other nations destroyed by the Atheist leaders of that Socialist Republic suffered greatly. We in America can hardly believe what those leaders did to crush every evidence of spiritual life.

But the prayers of Christians in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, America and around the world finally brought down the Iron Curtain. It was a joyous occasion when people could worship God without fear. One of my friends still has the New Testament printed and smuggled into Russia by Christians from South Korea.

Today, more Christian prayers are desperately needed. 

Repression is returning.

The scars of those anti God years are deep and great healing is still needed to help them recover. This is why our Recovery Ministry is spreading from St. Petersburg to Ukraine in churches and Recovery Ministries of every denomination.

Pray for our friends whose names must remain secret lest they be persecuted by the government. God knows who they are and every Christian group is under pressure to stop its outreach so general prayers are wonderful. Contact me at gary@sweetenlife.com if you want specific names and places.

Go to Sweeten Life web to donate and see what we do. The persecuted Christians need us now.

One of our friends holding A newly printed copy of our training manual translated into Russian.

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