Friday, January 27, 2017

Why Do we Fail?

We certainly need more educators and fewer inspirational speakers leading churches in America. What is the main task of a Christian congregation?  "Go, make disciples everywhere." Disciples are students who learn at the feet of a teacher by walking, talking, doing, and discussing together.

Most church leaders are hired to talk good and inspire people. Those who think preaching is teaching try to lecture to everyone at the same time. Large group lectures are a horribly ineffective way to make disciples. All we know is to shout at people.

I came to Christ at age 10, over 68 years ago. Many Christians are relatively new with five to ten years of practice.. Churches usully put both of us in the same lectures! My 11 year old grandson does not study advanced theology and its integration with science as I do. He needs a different lesson plan.

A good educator would build systems that are age appropriate for each of us. Put educators in charge and watch disciples grow.

Jesus taught it, practiced it, and told us to do it.

It takes some 10,000 hours of practice to KNOW a subject.

Get Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty to see how to make disciples.

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