Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ten of the Most Influential Churches in History

That I Have Visited
By: Elmer Towns

1.   The Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Israel
2.   The Holy Grotto of the Revelation of St. John, Patmos Island, Greece
3.   Castle Church, Wittenberg, Germany
4.   New Room – John Wesley Chapel, Bristol, England
5.   Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, England
6.   Carey Baptist Church, Calcutta, India
7.   The Full Gospel Church, Seoul, South Korea
8.   Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia
9.   Yung Nak Presbyterian Church, Seoul, South Korea
10.  Jotabeche Full Gospel Church (Pentecostal Holiness), Santiago, Chile

All churches have influence, some influence their culture and times; a few influence history. Read to see how these churches influenced me.

I have not visited all of the influential churches in history, but those on the following list are ones I have visited.  And who knows what church is the most influential in history?  There are other churches I should include on my list, but I didn’t get to visit them like John Calvin’s church in Geneva, and the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles. However, you can learn something from each of these churches, each will have a different influence on culture and history, each will influence you differently. 

My books are also influential. We have sold over 2 million copies of Listening for Heaven's Sake! But Humpty Dumpty is better!

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