Monday, January 30, 2017

Supporting Fantasy versus Reality

For decades I have been confused by how well some groups have successfully painted Christians as racists and sexists who hate the poor. At the same time they present themselves as lovingly caring for everyone, especially, minorities and the poor.

I am confused because the research data are very clear about who does the most for minorities and poor people and it is not our critics. Christians are always ahead of other groups when it comes to assisting the poor. Christians are much more open to interacting personally with minorities and women. Maybe because we have been welcoming Missionaries for hundreds of years.

Christians who faithfully preached and taught the Bible led the movement to free the slaves. The Bible says "All people are created in the image of God so nobody ought to be treated as an animal. Some people in churches fought against Christian abolitionists but they faithfully persevered.

Cincinnati was a center of the Underground Railroad and there were heroes all around our region. They risked life, limb and prison to hide and transport slaves norht to Canada.

So, fellow believers, celebrate with our Christian ancestors as well as our brothers and sisters that are still caring for the needy and down trodden.

Want to learn more about ministry to hurting people? God will lead you into active compassion.

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