Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How to Avoid Toxic Conflict

There are three different kinds of marriages and close relationships that can work, be functional, and produce healthy children. There is one type of relationship that tends to produce broken kids and dysfunction from generation to generation. Jesus said the same things in Matthew 5 about conflict.

A Healthy Way to Relate:

1. We discuss everything openly with respect. There are no attacks or cut offs. When we get frustrated we can share our feelings without getting personal. We stay focused on the ISSUE not the person. "I am upset and fruetrated about _________"

2. We avoid all mention of conflict but forget about it in a day or two and never bring it up again. Mutual forgiveness occurs without a discussion.

3. The Volitile relationship is argumentative and actively emotional without attacking each other.

The One Toxic Relationship. The people attack each other personally not just the issue or area of disagreement. We might say "You are always rejecting me. You are just like your dad and you will never change."

Personal Criticisms and Contempuous verbal attacks about their character convey permanent emotional damage. If a relationship reaches this level it usually cannot survive. In fact Jesus said attacks on the character will lead to HELL!

Want to avoid hellish relationships? Go here and learn.

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