Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bad Leadership Advice

Willy always wanted to be a leader and has now found his niche as Youth Minister at the first church of what is happening now. 

Articles and talks on leadership are everywhere. They vary in focus, skill, and practicality. Some are pretty goodbut many are awful. IMO awful comes from the following problems.

1. Advice is  filled with hyperbole. For example, I just read on Linked advice to "Be Creative and Entrepreneurial."

What does that mean?

Worse, how do I do it?

2. Here is a specific that is impossible to follow. "Make sure you listen deeply and understand others, especially women and minorities, with great sensitivity."

 Doesn't that sound so wonderful and sweet? Now I just tell women and minorities that I "Listen deeply and understand them with enormous sensitivity."

YIKES! Awful.

3. Look people gently in the eyes and smile warmly." If a person is in any kind of leadership position and fails this test run quickly and hide.

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