Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Friend Passes

I am very sad to report the passing of Tom Osborn a friend and member at College Hill Church that helped us develop our most successful ministries of healing, small groups, and compassionate outreach.

Tom was a tremendously good model for Lay Ministry. He had a Ph.D. and worked at P and G developing products that gave him international fame as a scientist, innovator, with cutting edge ideas. At the same time, Tom was a man of prayer who believed in the supernatural love and power of God. With Tom I saw remarkable miracles that liberated many people from bondage.

Tom's compassion and concern for widows an orphans led him to ask me about finiding a widow with children whom he could serve. We introduced him to my friend Jan and her two boys. That relationship eventually led to love and marriage.

Christian men and women can fully integrate daily life and God's life. Tom, as an outstanding scientist, proves that.

Tom was diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks ago and passed on to meet Jesus early this morning. Thankfully I was able to visit Tom in the hospital and we shared many great memories of our faith journey. I am sad. Sad for Jan and sons. I sm sad for their church. I am sad for a world bereft of Tom's great talents and gifts.

I am, of course, happy for Tom's embrace of Christ and more so for the embrace of Tom by Christ in eternity.

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