Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Healthy Christians Among the Poor

If you want to help the poor, pray for them and pray with them while befriending them. We have a vibrant life with God money cannot buy.

The churches of Jesus Christ have always been involved in what the Journal of the American Medical Association calls “alternative healing interventions”. For Christians it includes loving care, confession, prayer, and fellowship. We add personal prayers and meditation along with worship as additions and alternatives to the srict, secular, medical model. 

When all of scripture is taught and practiced, people get better and live better. When we do our best to love one another and love ourselves because God loves us, we are improve. 

Do you really believe life with God is better than living for money, pleasure and things? Is the supernatural life with God real and a blessing?

Let me know your opinion. 


Dr. Gary Sweeten

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