Friday, July 31, 2015

Why The Golden Rule?

Testing to see if she is a witch. If she drowns she is innocent.

It is called Golden because it is of such worth. Interacting with dignity and restraint with others has the best chance of promoting self esteem and self initiative. However, practicing the Lead Rule is very likely to produce dependence and fear in others.

But here is a secret; we usually feel better when we treat others with disdain. It is much easier to get affirmation and to feel heroic when we act like we have the answers for others. In fact, the culture overwhelmingly promoted the Lead Rule but call it the Golden Rule.

We love to read and hear about Heroic Rescuers that take over another person's life and run it for them. Not long ago a local Anti-Drug Coalition started a bit campaign to raise money to but a special drug used by First Responders to bring people back from an overdose.

It seems that they had the kind that could be injected into the Patient but wanted the more expensive type that people can breathe. Why did they want the expensive type? Because they said the passed out and dying people with an overdose might feel stigmatized by having a needle used on them!

People dying from an overdose of heroin taken with a needle might feel badly if the people saving their lives used a needle? This is called "Enabling" or "Co-dependence" and means the Hero needs the addict as much as the addict needs the dope!

This is the Lead Rule multiplied.

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