Monday, July 27, 2015

Prayer Reflection-Day 7

Week 1 The Lord's Prayer
Day 7 The Lord's Day

For a whole week we have been reading and thinking about the prayer which Jesus gave to His disciples. On the first day of the week, Sunday, we gather with contemporary disciples and do the "Work of the People of God."  Some churches call this "the liturgy" while others simply refer to it as "worship" or even "going to church." In any event it is a time when we stop our commercial pursuits and pursue God until He catches us.

You have read and re read this simple prayer so it is percolating in your brain and your heart, giving you new insights and ideas about the Kingdom of God.

Today take a few minutes and reflect upon the past week by reviewing your notes. What occurred to you as you prayed and meditated? What would you say to others about the prayer? What would you put into a book for others? What is your greatest insight?

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