Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mercy and Grace-What is the Difference?

Unresolved  Guilt

When we violate the laws of a city, state or nation we are Guilty. Guilt demands Justice. Justice is a debt owed to the authority to pay for our violation. I was caught speeding one night and was stopped by a police car. It was on I-75 and set up as a speed trap. The tiny village that the highway intersected for about a mile had a very low speed limit and put an officer there to catch unsuspecting motorists.

I was speeding according to the law of that municipality. I thus deserved justice and was required to pay a fine despite the fact that it was an unfair speed limit, an unfair rule and an unfair amount. When I met with the Justice of the Peace and complained, he agreed with all my points, but took my money anyway. I begged for mercy and received no mercy. He gave me strict justice according to the laws.

Mercy is refusing to give a person justice even though he/she deserves it. Some groups demand justice from others and from government. But I do not want justice, I want mercy.

There are times when a judge lowers the penalty or removes it totally that justice demands. Justice requires punishment.  Mercy means that Justice is removed or reduced. She is offering mercy to the defendant.

When God forgives us of True Moral Guilt He is offering us mercy. There is no punishment required for the justice we rightly deserve.

So, Mercy is not getting what we deserve.

Brace is getting more than we deserve.

See the book The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit to learn more.

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