Sunday, July 12, 2015

Top Ten

Several Years ago,Bjorn Lomborg, a top expert in Global Warming / Climate Change, began to think about the biggest economic and health challenges facing the world. He asked economists to list their greatest concerns so they Rank Ordered world problems and discovered that, although Climate Change is real, it is not the most serious threat to our survival. It was, in fact, way down toward the bottom of their lists. 

About ten years ago while discussing the top priorities facing the church with local Pastors I asked a similar question. Rank Order the top Ten most critical issues facing your church. I had each Minister do the exercise personally then share their lists in small groups. 

To our surprise the "hot Topics" of our daily conversations did not end up as the most important items they faced in ministry. Many of the hottest topics on Facebook, magazines and newspapers are the scary items but not the most important items. No one mentioned same sex marriages, global warming or race riots. Why then do those topics get so much press? Like, meteors!!

While driving to the Gym this morning I heard an interview with a guy from the local planetarium. He announced it was National Meteor Watch Day, observed every year on June 30th. 

The media loves scary topics. They love things that make us anxious. And, if we are not careful we who teach, write and preach can fall into the same trap. For example, what is the Hot Potato Topic filling the airwaves daily?  It is about _______________!

Now think about how many people that issue really involves. Is it Closer to 10% or 90%?  What issues do your family and friends and parishioners face each week? List them and see what is most troubling to people. I will buy you a bottle of water if it is the same hot potato the media love. 

See Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty for a book on helping troubled people change.

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