Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to Meet Important People!

Jens Petter in Africa with the Bishop of the African Inland Church that had 40 million members!

We is the west like to run ourselves by the clock. As a rule we try to make conversations short and productive. We act like all of life proceeds in a straight line. However, that has not been my experience.

On my timeline I mention may friend Jens-Petter Jorgensen, a Lutheran Pastor in Norway. We have been great friends and colleagues since a "chance" meeting while attending a big meeting in Kenya, East Africa in 1983.

I was on the board of a Renewal organization and we were meeting in Oklahoma. During the prayer time I had a distinct sens that our group needed to expand into international waters. Brick Bradford, the Executive Director said, "I have been invited to go to Kenya to a renewal meeting but I think we ought to send Gary.

I was excited to go because I had just met a family from South Africa who came all the way to Cincinnati to Life Seminar. "Wow!" I thought, Africa! I have always wanted to go to Africa because I have heard so many great stories about missions and ministry there.

So how did I end up in Oslo?

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